Radish / Mooli – Organically Grown

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Important Note:

For Organic Vegetables, Please give order 24 Hrs before from delivery.


Radish is not only grown organically and is a juicy fruit that is both sweet and pungent in taste. It is a root vegetable and is usually white, pink or even slightly purple in color. The radishes from Fresh are packed with utmost care to ensure optimal levels of freshness when you unpack it.


The radish being a juicy vegetable helps in the natural removal of bilirubin from the stomach, which helps fight jaundice and other liver diseases. It is also fiber-rich thus provides roughage and aids relief from constipation. Being diuretic it is also used for fighting urinary infections.

Way to Use:

Radishes are mostly used in savory forms, especially for making pickles and dips. You can soak them in some lemon juice, vinegar or even mustard paste to use as a mild pickle. It adds a pungent taste to vegetable stews and soups, giving it a nice aroma. It is also added to salads.

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